Federal, provincial and territorial Housing Ministers (except Quebec) signed a multilateral framework agreement confirming provinces’ and territories’ intent to work with the federal government to implement the measures contained in the National Housing Strategy (NHS).

The multilateral agreement identifies specific principles, goals and objectives agreed to by all Ministers in implementing the NHS measures, which includes:

  • no net loss of social housing units, including “Urban Native Social Housing” units, a 15% increase in rent-assisted housing units.
  • the governments report upon and be held accountable for the objectives set in the Strategy.
  • provinces and territories commit to cost matching federal funds for those programs identified in the NHS as requiring provincial and territorial cost-matching.

The next step in the process is the federal government will negotiate individual bilateral agreements with each province and territory, including Quebec, to identify specific implementation details for each jurisdiction, which will pave the way for programs to commence and additional housing funds to roll out.

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