The federal government has a National Housing Co-investment Fund.

This Fund, originally announced in the National Housing Strategy, will provide funding to community housing providers to renew and repair existing units, and build new housing capacity.

The stated goal of the Fund is to repair up to 240,000 units over the next 10 years, and create up to 60,000 new units. It will provide over $4.5 billion in contributions, and $8.6 billion in low interest loans.

The program will also make $200 million worth of surplus federal lands available to housing providers for new housing.

In order to qualify, most eligible projects will be required to:

  • meet or exceed a 25% reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions over national building and energy codes
  • 20% of units must meet accessibility standards
  • repair/renewal projects must be barrier-free in common areas and new construction projects must be barrier free and have full universal design

Visit the National Housing Co-investment Fund