Join authors Rebecca Higgins and Carissa Halton as they discuss their debut books at a reading and reception.

The Colours of Birds by Rebecca Higgins
In this short fiction collection, where characters do weird things in their attempts to negotiate the world. They steal books and hide in bathrooms and treat grocery receipts like tarot cards. They may want solitude, even escape, but they don’t want to be invisible. They move between isolation and connection–on the internet, at uncomfortable parties, in a tent after Hurricane Katrina.These stories are about friendship and loneliness and the awkward, fumbling ways we try to love each other. We lie and leave things out, so often torn between hiding ourselves and needing to be seen.

Rebecca Higgins lives, works and writes in Toronto.

Little Yellow House: Finding Community in a Changing Neighbourhood by Carissa Halton
Fourteen years ago Carissa Halton and her husband bought a fixer-upper in an inner city neighbourhood where her grandparents grew up. The streets had changed since and over the past four decades as its house prices declined, its drug crimes and sex trade statistics increased. They overlooked both statistics as they were motivated by affordable house prices, close proximity to work and diversity. However their decision baffled many. People frequently asked, “Why do you live there?” Her answer was to write Little Yellow House: Finding Community in a Changing Neighbourhood. It is a series of poignant and honest stories that introduce readers to her neighbours. Each one helped her discover the beauty, tragedy and power of compassion in her notorious neighbourhood. Our oldest neighbourhoods and their diverse array of residents spanning class and culture have much to teach about our societies’ greatest weaknesses and strengths.

Carissa lives with her family in Edmonton.

November 15 at 7:30pm

The King’s University Atrium
9125 50 Street NW
Edmonton, AB

It’s free