The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association presents a webinar on rural homelessness and how it rarely presents the same way as in urban centres. Consequently, data on rural homelessness is extremely limited and communities are often met with disbelief when attempting to address local homelessness issues or determining housing need. Join us to learn about the first-ever “Step-by-Step Guide to Estimate Rural Homelessness” and see results from the first few pilot studies. This guide has already been applied in more than 25 rural communities across Canada.

This webinar presentation will give you enough knowledge to apply this guide in your community as well and gather the data necessary to inform homelessness issues and resolve them.


  • Zain Abedin, Manager, Community Development, Alberta Rural Development Network
  • Sharida Csillag, Community Development Coordinator, Special Initiatives, Stony Plain FCSS
  • Lynne Bossman, Integrated Supports Coordinator – Seniors, Spruce Grove FCSSLess

January 31
11:30am-12:45pm MT