RESEARCH | What strategies prevent tenant evictions?

April 23, 2018By ANPHAResearch

  A systematic review of international literature from January 1985 to May 2012 to know which interventions are effective in preventing evictions. The overview brings together the learnings from numerous interventions implemented to prevent evictions published in scientific journals and reporting on their (cost‐)effectiveness. Read the research  

RESEARCH | Ten things to know about the newly-signed federal-provincial-territorial housing framework agreement

April 15, 2018By ANPHAResearch

  The director of research and data at the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Nick Falvo, outlines the ten things to know about the newly-signed federal-provincial-territorial housing framework agreement. The framework agreement on housing was signed on April 10 in Toronto. It supports the Trudeau government’s National Housing Strategy, which was released last fall. Here are 10 things to … Read More

RESEARCH | United Nations Reports on the Right to Housing

March 27, 2018By ANPHAResearch

  Leilani Farha, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing and the Executive Director of Canada Without Poverty discussed why housing is the issue of the day for cities around the world, in Edmonton on March 21, 2018. She provided a snapshot of housing conditions globally and locally, highlighting the tension between the treatment … Read More

RESEARCH | How do we define affordable housing

March 23, 2018By ANPHAResearch

Housing affordability is about so much more than just a monthly rent or mortgage payment. Failing to account for factors like household transportation costs and maintenance expenses can totally confuse our approach to solving the problem of affordability. Read research

RESEARCH | How Does Household Crowding Affect Education Outcomes?

March 11, 2018By ANPHAResearch

From 2003 to 2009, the number of American households containing multiple families tripled. Crowded housing (when a household has more members than rooms) is most common among low-income families, is concentrated among younger people, and is frequently a response to unaffordable housing. Early exposure to crowding can affect health, developmental, social, and economic outcomes later … Read More

RESEARCH | How Common Is Homelessness in Emergency Departments?

February 2, 2018By ANPHAResearch

Homeless people have higher rates of hospital and emergency department use than the general population and often suffer from serious conditions upon admittance, resulting in high medical costs and potentially long stays. These people are not always easily identifiable because of a lack of or improper documentation and recognition bias by emergency medicine professionals, which … Read More