RESEARCH | Canada’s housing crisis reinforces violence against poor women

July 13, 2018By ANPHAResearch

Canadian cities are in the throes of an unprecedented housing crisis. Lax housing policies and lending practices, along with a previously non-existent national housing strategy have converged, contributing to record-level housing and rental prices. Cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are most affected, with smaller cities like Montréal and Victoria also dealing with the impact … Read More

RESEARCH | The simple way design could help homeless people recover

July 10, 2018By ANPHAResearch

A three-month-long experiment offers a glimpse at how homeless shelters could be redesigned to feel more like home–and help families be healthy and happy. The research on the built environment suggests that the interior design of homeless shelters can either support or hinder people’s ability to assert control over their future. Read the research   … Read More

RESEARCH | Housing status affects frequency of criminal activity and substance use

June 29, 2018By ANPHAResearch

Existing literature has mainly evaluated housing stability and substance use, without considering justice system involvement, and has considered limited types of housing situations. To better understand the connection, a study in Washington, DC, recruited 504 opioid-dependent adults with a history of justice system involvement to provide 30 days of data on various housing, substance use, … Read More

RESEARCH | Emergency Shelter Capacity by City in Alberta, 2017

June 15, 2018By ANPHAResearch

On average, Calgary has more funded emergency shelter beds available every night than Edmonton. A University of Calgary School of Public Policy paper published Wednesday highlighted that Calgary has two-thirds of all emergency shelter beds funded in Alberta. *click on image for larger version    

RESEARCH | Housing Affordability and Strong Communities

May 18, 2018By ANPHAResearch

With reliable and equitable transportation, water systems, energy, affordable housing, waste management, and communications, communities can focus on other economic and social advancements. Yet, aging systems, deferred maintenance, insufficient new investments, and long-standing inequities undermine the foundation for all other success. Affordable housing is infrastructure, a basic physical component needed for society to operate. Research … Read More