RESOURCE | Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People Experiencing Homelessness and Mental Illness in Two Canadian Cities

April 19, 2019By ANPHAResources

Indigenous people in Canada are not only over-represented among the homeless population but their pathways to homelessness may differ from those of non-Indigenous people. This study investigated the history and current status of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people experiencing homelessness and mental illness. The researchers hypothesized that compared with non-Indigenous people, those who are Indigenous would … Read More

RESOURCE | Request Step-by-Step Guide on Developing Affordable Housing

April 15, 2019By ANPHAResources

Over the last 14 months, the Sustainable Housing Initiative (SHI) has been collaborating with industry experts from across the county to develop a comprehensive resource for individuals and groups who want to develop, build, and operate affordable rental housing. All of this hard work has led to the creation of the Step-by-Step Guide on Developing Affordable … Read More

RESOURCE | Poverty Hub research archive

April 11, 2019By ANPHAResources

The Poverty Hub is an online repository of relevant research with respect to the causes and impacts of poverty as well as policies and best practices in poverty prevention and reduction. The goal of the Poverty Hub is to provide a searchable database for researchers, practitioners and government policy officials to access current research on … Read More

RESOURCE | Calgary Home Program Grants

April 9, 2019By ANPHAResources

The Home Program grant helps non-profit groups support Calgarians in affordable housing. It does this by helping non-profits launch initiatives in four key areas of focus that build capacity for residents: feel they have stronger housing stability have increased financial competency access and use community wellness services / activities lead community wellness activities Application requirements … Read More

RESOURCE | Guide on Universal Design for New Housing Units

April 4, 2019By ANPHAResources

Practical tips to make each room accessible, reduce future costs and potentially increase resale value – presented by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Universal design creates housing that can work for everyone. It makes housing accessible to those with disabilities. It also lets people stay in their homes as their circumstances change, without expensive renovations. … Read More

RESOURCE | Canadian Housing First Toolkit

February 19, 2019By ANPHAResources

The toolkit was developed to assist other Canadian communities that are interested in adopting the Housing First approach. It includes tools and resources that are practical and user-friendly for groups and communities interested in the Housing First approach. The toolkit provides useful “how to” information based on years of experience that can help community groups … Read More

RESOURCE | What gets lost in the definition of inadequate housing?

December 11, 2018By ANPHAResources

To find a home they can afford, low-income households often live with pests, mold, and exposed wires in their homes. But each of these health and safety hazards alone are not severe enough to appear in national datasets, meaning that many more Americans may live in these substandard conditions than policymakers think. Without an accurate … Read More

RESOURCE | The Housing Podcast

December 4, 2018By ANPHAResources

The Housing Podcast is a production of Inside Housing magazine, the UK’s leading social and affordable housing publication. Listen to find out more about the key issues in housing today, with input from the sector’s leading voices. On this episode, they tackle the difficult topic of mental health. With the help of Ellie White, senior … Read More

RESOURCE | The Roadmap for the Prevention of Youth Homelessness

November 20, 2018By ANPHAResources

The Roadmap for the Prevention of Youth Homelessness helps to fill this gap in our knowledge. It is designed to help service providers, policy makers, communities, advocates, and researchers better understand the meaning of youth homelessness prevention through the provision of a clear definition and a common language for policy and practice. The Roadmap aims … Read More

RESOURCE | Indigenous Caucus Day Highlights Report – Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

September 14, 2018By ANPHAResources

Indigenous Caucus Day Highlights Report has been released by the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association. It was developed through the Indigenous Housing Caucus Day, which takes place annually in conjunction with the CHRA Congress on Housing and Homelessness. A full-day collaborative forum attended by more than 150 delegates from across Canada, Caucus Day 2018 focused … Read More