Top Five Reasons to Join ANPHA



Joining a network like ANPHA builds an unbreakable front line for the non-profit housing community. By linking the industry’s voices together under a common denominator of safe, accessible, and affordable housing for all, ANPHA has the ability to lift vital non-profit housing key messages to new heights.

When you join ANPHA, you join a community whose membership amplifies your voice. There is power in numbers and a unified message. Becoming part of ANPHA ensures that policymakers, both at the provincial and federal levels, hear our voices and keep non-profit housing on the radar. ANPHA also has the benefit of being included in national level conversations via CHRA connections.


ANPHA is a community for non-profit housing communities. The ANPHA network welcomes members of all structures and is committed to championing the voice of all housing organizations. Simply put, regardless of size or structure, you belong with ANPHA.

We care about our neighbourhoods, the people and families that live in them, and the future of our province. ANPHA membership means joining a network of other like-minded members, businesses, and community advocates who are also dedicated to advancing affordable housing, building community assets, and serving as a loyal spokesperson for those vulnerable populations who might not otherwise ever be heard.


ANPHA is a distinctive offering within the non-profit housing industry as the champion of non-profit housing providers along the housing continuum. We are not focused on one demorgraphic.

Although an Alberta-based network, ANPHA also has several cross-country provincial counterparts in the non-profit housing industry from which best practices, insights, and knowledge is shared.


The ANPHA network allows organizations of all sizes the opportunity to take advantage of added benefits and cost savings opportunities such as energy, group health and dental, event discounts, and insurance programs, all designed with the non-profit housing sector in mind.

Tools and Resources

The ANPHA network acts as a central link within the industry, and aims to serve people working at all levels within the industry, not purely senior level executives. ANPHA supports research and professional development, an annual educational forum, free job and event postings, as well as the active promotion of its members. This not only increases your organization's capacity, but capabilities and brand reputation.

Becoming a part of ANPHA also means you will have access to an online discussion forum in which you are able to exchange ideas and seek answers from industry peers. This forum is open to all community activists, not just CEOs and ANPHA members.