Who We Are

ANPHA is the provincial membership association for the non-profit housing sector. Our membership includes organizations large and small from across the province who serve a diverse cross section of Albertans.


ANPHA provides leadership to advance the non-profit housing sector and build industry capacity.


All Albertans have a safe, secure, appropriate and affordable home.



We Connect - Educate - Advocate


As Conveners...

We provide leadership to advance the non-profit housing sector and build industry capacity.

Our members share a belief that housing for everyone is a critical part of building healthy, vibrant communities.

As Advocates...

We raise awareness of the critical role affordable housing plays in Alberta, with an aim to to help shape policy to help more Albertans.

As Capacity Builders...

We provide resources for members to be successful together.


ANPHA enables members to accomplish collectively what could not be done individually.


Our History

The Alberta Network of Public Housing Associations (ANPHA) was incorporated as a non-profit society under the laws of Alberta on November 10, 2014.

The creation of ANPHA came from a community-minded group of nonprofit housing providers who identified the need for a unified voice representing the nonprofit housing sector, for all age groups and types of housing on the continuum.

The recognition of this need was based on the years of experience within the group and in consultation with nonprofit housing leaders from British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and the Alberta Government. The need for ANPHA was also based on the Alberta Government’s desire to create an Affordable Housing Institute to develop and share best practices.

When and why it all began

Alberta’s fast-paced growth and prosperity in recent times provided many advantageous opportunities in Alberta, but it also increased pressure on the housing system throughout the province.

Migration into the province contributed to very low rental vacancy rates, as most people immigrating to Alberta needed housing. Prosperous conditions and government programs also created incentives for foreign workers to help fill serious labour shortages, and they too needed a place to live.

With housing in short supply, prices surged and it became more difficult for Albertans to purchase housing or find rental accommodations where they needed it. This contributed an increase in the number of people waiting for subsidized housing as well as an increase in homelessness.

As a result of the Government of Alberta report called "Housing First: An Investment with a Return in Prosperity (2007)", the Province recognized a number of issues facing organizations providing non-profit housing in Alberta including:

  • The excess of demand over the supply of social housing for both seniors and families in Alberta;
  • The complexity of taking full advantage of Provincial funding;
  • The changing desires and needs of those who live in the housing we provide;
  • The push by the government to streamline and integrate government processes and the processes of the nonprofit groups across the province;
  • The promotion of participation by stakeholders and community organizations by government.

As an outcome, the report listed actions to strengthen the Non-profit Housing sector in Alberta.

  • Stabilizing and enhancing operating funding for community-based, nonprofit groups are a primary goal.
  • Providing a guide or “facilitator” in the provincial public service to assist smaller communities and non-profit organizations.
  • Creating nonprofit service provider registry to encourage regional alignment and facilitate collaboration. This registry would strive to minimize duplication and capture synergies between similar nonprofit groups.

In 2011, The founding ANPHA group engaged the services of a consultant to carry out an industry sector survey and environmental scan of the nonprofit housing sector in Alberta for the purposes of determining viable option(s) for providing non-market nonprofit housing representation in Alberta. Specifically, study objectives included:

  1. Gaining an understanding of industry needs specific to non-market/nonprofit housing operators.
  2. Gaining an understanding of the existing environment including potential competition and industry overlap.

In May 2013, the Consultant's Report entitled "NP10: Analysis of Non Market / Nonprofit Housing Industry Project Report" was received by the group. The results of the survey strongly supported the development of a unified association to represent those serving the nonprofit housing sector. The Government of Alberta was in favor of simplifying communication between itself and the nonprofit housing sector and a unified association will facilitate this end. The external stakeholders interviewed were strongly in favor of the development of an association with a unified voice to represent the nonprofit housing providers in Alberta. The stakeholders were willing to support the development of such an association in any way possible.