Membership Fee Schedule | 2019-2020


Applies to non-profit housing providers that manage/own housing in the affordable housing sector. Includes: voting capacity at AGM, and any other general and special meetings, ability to sit on Board and all member benefits.

All Organizations Cost
Flat rate up to 50 Units $300
More than 50 units up to 1000 units $6.00/unit
Additional Units above 1000 $1.00/unit

*All new regular members receive a 50% reduction on their first year fees


Applies to Organizations that support the objectives of ANPHA but do not meet the criteria of Regular Membership and Government Agencies. This category does not have voting capacity but are eligible to other benefits.

Fee: $300 -Organizations, $500 Government Agencies, $100- Individual membership



Applies to businesses that offer products and services relevant to the sector. Includes company logo and write up on website and features in newsletter.

Fee: $500- $2000/annum

For more information regrading corporate membership options contact us at: