Who is the Alberta Network of Public Housing Agencies (ANPHA)?

ANPHA is an industry association representing the non-profit housing sector throughout the province of Alberta. ANPHA’s membership is open to non-profit housing providers, businesses, individuals and other stakeholders.

Are you a lobby group?

No, we are an industry association for the non-profit housing industry. As an association we undertake a variety of activities to build our members capacity and help advance affordable housing. Among our activities, we advocate to governments to share our members’ perspectives, and help influence policy to shape a better future for Albertans in need.

Are there other provinces with an industry association for affordable housing?

We are proud to be part of a Pan-Canadian group of provincial non-profit housing associations. 

CANPHA, collectively represents and advocates to advance the community housing sector across the country. 

Other CANPHA Members:

Why should I become a member?

Simply put, together the affordable housing industry is stronger; together our voice is louder; and together our influence is greater to get things done!

By joining ANPHA you are joining other leading organizations and individuals in a provincial movement to advance the affordable housing industry. At ANPHA, we aim to provide non-profit housing providers with support, tools and information to build capacity for our members.

  • We work toward building networks locally and provincially to ensure that non-profit housing has a respected voice in the community.
  • We provide educational opportunities and resources to continually improve.
  • We help members save money through our savings programs.
  • We champion and share your successes, profiling the positives in the affordable housing industry to shift negative stigmas and change attitudes.
  • We provide members unlimited career postings and event postings on the ANPHA website.
  • We provide peer-to-peer support, including access to member only information and contacts.
  • We champion and share your successes, profiling the positives in the affordable housing industry to shift negative stigmas and change attitudes.
  • We are advocates for our members with all orders of government.
  • We fight to get more new affordable housing built in Alberta.

My company provides goods & services to the non-profit housing sector. How can I get involved?

Corporate membership provides all the benefits listed for regular and associate members, plus we will post your company logo and description on our website. Your company will also be profiled in our quarterly newsletter, and we welcome any video content you may have to compliment your company description. We are always looking for ways to engage our corporate members and keep you connected with the industry. If you have ideas, please share them!

For information about Corporate Membership Options click here. > 2020 Corporate Member Schedule  

What is non-profit housing?

Non-profit housing includes a variety of housing options along the housing continuum. Non-profit housing is not public housing. Non-profit housing options are provided by an organization that is community-based and not privately owned. These non-profit housing providers include charities, registered non-profit societies, Part 9 Companies, or designated management bodies by the Province of Alberta. The mandates of these societies is to provide safe, secure, affordable accommodation to households with low to moderate incomes. Most non-profit housing societies providing rental options, receive some form of financial assistance from government to enable them to offer affordable rents, generally geared to income. Each non-profit organization operates independently under the direction of a volunteer board of directors. Most employ staff to manage the day-to-day operations. Some organizations own their properties and some are government owned.

What is affordable, adequate, suitable housing?

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) provides the following definitions:

Affordable: Housing costs less than 30% of before-tax household income.
Shelter costs include the following:

  • For renters: rent and any payments for electricity, fuel, water and other municipal services;
  • For owners: mortgage payments (principal and interest), property taxes, and any condominium fees, along with payments for electricity, fuel, water and other municipal services.

Adequate: Housing does not require any major repairs, according to residents. Major repairs include those to defective plumbing or electrical wiring, or structural repairs to walls, floors or ceilings.

Suitable: Housing has enough bedrooms for the size and make-up of resident households, according to National Occupancy Standard (NOS) requirements.

I’m looking for housing, who can I contact?

We recommend you start with our members listing for the location that best suits you. Click here for a list of our members. You may also use the Government of Alberta’s online search function to locate a provincial housing management provider (body). Please note that the search is restricted to management bodies and there may be other non-profit providers in the community who can assist. Click here to Search Provincial Management Bodies (housing providers)

What am I getting from becoming a member?

Joining ANPHA amplifies your voice and the collective message of the non-profit housing community. ANPHA is a platform and an avenue to bring the industry’s main concerns to a new level in which policymakers, both senior government and ministerial officials (not just local representatives), hear what matters in affordable housing. Simply put, becoming a member means creating and adding to that power.

Are membership fees high?

Membership fees are set on a sliding scale and based on the number of units managed by the organization. This means that budgets for smaller agencies are considered and a cap is set for larger organizations.

What is different about ANPHA and (ASCHA) Alberta Seniors and Community Housing Association?

ANPHA's focus is not demographic specific. We represent all non-profit housing providers who serve Albertans
of all ages along the housing continuum, from emergency housing and those who work to alleviate
homelessness, to below-market homeownership.

ANPHA's role and purpose is similar to our provincial counterparts: BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA), Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association (MBNPA), Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA), RQOH - Réseau québécois des OSBL d'habitation (RQOH), New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Assciation (NBNPHA), and Newfoundland Housing and Homelessness Network.

What is the difference between ANPHA and APHAA (Alberta Public Housing Administrators' Association)?

APHAA is the professional association for senior administrators working in the housing sector. Their
membership is for individuals at the senior management level only. APHAA leadership professional development to
promote excellence in publicly funded housing administration.

Our membership is primarily organization-based and professional development events are open for those in the non-profit housing industry. We also aim to build industry capacity, with a focus on the non-profit housing industry as a whole. Whether looking at policy, governance matters, or emerging issues, our lens considers impacts and needs along the housing continuum/spectrum.

Is ANPHA membership suited for small organizations?

We welcome members of all sizes. ANPHA is here to elevate the voice of all non-profit housing organizations, large or small. We make sure that senior government and ministerial officials, not just local representatives, hear the messages of our members.

Joining ANPHA also means the opportunity to take advantage of added benefits and cost savings opportunities such as ANPHA’s energy, group health and dental, and insurance programs, all designed with the non-profit housing sector in mind. ANPHA also promotes research and professional development, as well as free job postings and active promotion of its members.

What if we are a large organization and can do everything on our own, including in-house services and access to government?

Every voice matters, and becoming an ANPHA member increases the power and influence of the overarching non-profit housing industry. There are few things that have the strength or ability to capture a decision maker’s attention than a collective group working toward a unified goal. ANPHA is a channel for working with housing matters on a larger scale versus working in isolation. Connectivity and association ignites a higher level of information sharing, creates partnerships, increases the power of the community, and alleviates issues in fractured systems.

Is ANPHA primarily focused on larger publicly funded organizations (i.e. housing management bodies)?

ANPHA’s membership includes a mix or organizational structures and sizes, from non-profit agencies, charities, to public management bodies. We value all partners and all voices are treated as equals. Our approach is grounded in uniting voices and capitalizing on the undeniable power of the holistic non-profit housing sector.