Issues We Face

RESEARCH- Late Life Homelessness in Calgary

July 21, 2019

This research aims to evaluate and assess the health issues of Calgarians over the age of 50 who are experiencing chronic homelessness, determine their unmet service needs, and assess whether there are predictors of chronic homelessness (such as childhood trauma) that could be addressed with changes to policy or service delivery.

RESEARCH | Federal Program Spending on Housing Affordability

June 28, 2019

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) has published a report on “Federal Program Spending on Housing Affordability”. The report gives a financial breakdown of the National Housing Strategy program, compares it to pre-Strategy funding, and includes an analysis of funding dedicated to off-reserve Indigenous housing. The report concluded: “It is not clear that the National Housing … Read More

RESEARCH | Scope of Alberta’s rural homelessness revealed

June 25, 2019

A first-of-its kind survey has provided a glimpse of rural homelessness in Alberta. The survey, spearheaded by the Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN), found there were nearly 3,000 people in 20 communities, or one percent of the population, facing unstable housing. The conservative estimates suggest about 15,500 people in rural Alberta are potentially living in … Read More

RESEARCH | Barriers to Employment for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

June 21, 2019

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, Raising the Roof Our Hub Solutions team partnered with HireUp to conduct an evaluation of its program which connects job seekers facing employment barriers to meaningful work. The results of the evaluation and highlight the value and impact employment programs have on job seekers with experiences of homelessness.  

RESEARCH | The devastating biological consequences of homelessness

May 21, 2019

Serggio Lanata, a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), was struck by similarities in the behaviour of some older homeless people and patients he had treated for dementia in the clinic. Now, years later, he is embarking on a study that will examine homeless adults for early signs of Alzheimer’s disease and … Read More

RESEARCH | Making social housing friendly for resettling refugees

May 17, 2019

This work is an extension of a longer-term project that began in 2015, in which the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives partnered with Welcome Place, the housing arm of the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council (MIIC). This research focuses on three main objectives: demonstrate the challenges and successes that resettling refugees (a term described below) have … Read More

RESEARCH | Is co-living an answer to the affordable housing crisis?

May 10, 2019

Most commercial developers recognize the changing interests of millennials, with co-working advancing to become a well-accepted commercial development model. Co-living, meanwhile, also appears to be making some inroads, particularly in delivering student housing and in highly densified cities. Co-living serves as a modern form of housing, whereby residents share values, interests, aspirations and living spaces. … Read More

RESEARCH | 2018 Shelter Capacity Report

May 3, 2019

The Shelter Capacity Report is a descriptive account of capacity statistics for emergency homeless shelters in Canada. The number of emergency shelter facilities and the number of permanent beds are reported for each province and territory, as well as by community. It also includes brief overviews of Transitional Housing facilities and Violence Against Women shelters … Read More

RESEARCH | Housing First in Practice: Challenges and Adaptations in Alberta

April 26, 2019

In 2008, Alberta committed to ending chronic homelessness through a Housing First approach. Developed in New York City, Housing First emphasizes that housing is the first need for someone experiencing homelessness. Clients are offered permanent housing in the community, followed by any services they may need. As Housing First has spread internationally, it has been … Read More